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Dungeons & Dragons - Why is it So Popular?

Dungeons & Dragons, first launched in 1974, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Wizards of the Coast claims that there are presently 40 million players worldwide, with new players increasing by 25% year on year as the game's popularity develops and rules are translated into new languages. Stranger Things is the obvious reason. Dungeons & Dragons is a central aspect in the massively successful Netflix series that has garnered a massive young audience. The guys in Hawkins not only play the game, but they also apply it to comprehend and contextualise the strange events that are occurring in their  town.

Another key reason why D&D is so popular is its reliance on real life human contact. We’re living in an era where so much of our socialising happens virtually, through screens and on social media, role-playing games bring people together in real life. D&D is really what people have always done since millennia - gathering together, inventing and telling stories. 

Most people don't realise that the game aspect of wizards & Dragons is pretty much key to its popularity, because it's not just any game. It's a role-playing game where you play a collector type and collect items up to an epic. Although it seems like a really simple game, it has a whole lot of hidden rules that let your characters run amok.

Because of this, it's essential that the person that you buy these wizard and Dragons collectables from a reputable company. You simply can't do business with a company that is not as well known within the realm, or not within their own country as they profess themselves to be.

If you collect things, you probably already have another one for your Wizard & Dragons collection, but as an aspiring collector, you may find other useful connotations of Wizard & Dragons that you probably haven't considered before. For example: as described in the game, access to some items is movement, whereas all other items are more precious still and you need to collect them or that is what it says in the description.

Going to another company that actually is in the business of the item craft can be hazardous. Clearly, it is surrounding a group of people you don't know and assuming they will tell you about the item you want, especially if they have no idea about what it is. So, that is why it is always better to find a supplier who actually produces the item you are interested in rather than a supplier who just sells it with a fancy label.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of these collectables. You'll want to buy from someone who is a really solid business with a proven track record of delivering items, where extensive quality control routine checks are made on every item from the same manufacturer.

Other benefits you can't go wrong with are premium prices & top quality. Most of them will give you thousands if not tens of thousands of items after you purchase them. Some are even worth a fortune with all the class and finer features such items can come with. Personally, I choose toys based on what I find exciting to the kids. I think the old world charm suddenly seems a little less preferable as a child.

Hence the beauty of Wizard & Dragons collectibles. There are probably as many reasons as there are orbs, wheels, figures, figurines, etc., but the main reason is because Hollywood has finally reached a point where most people can openly enjoy and feel excitement when they watch a Wizard & Dragons movie or game. So, on top of all the above, why is there such a huge craze for control artefacts from the Wizard & Dragons world? This is a fun hobby for many that genuinely enjoy the thrill of this kind of adventure and its creatures.

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