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Shop DND Apparel - What to Wear With it?

Themed clothing is as much a part of pop culture as anything else these days - it seems everything now has themed apparel - from bands, to TV shows, modern role playing games are in on the act, as is the classic Dungeons & Dragons. We wouldn't be here without that trend of course, so we're very grateful for it - but when you gift Dungeons & Dragons wearables to the gamer in your life, to your dungeon master or whoever it may be, that does leave them with a question to answer: 'What to wear with this awesome garment?'

If you've ever struggled to work a piece of clothing into your wardrobe like we have then you'll know it's not easy. And with that being the case, the Shop DND team have come up with a few ideas that'll help you turn our range of Dungeons & Dragons apparel into great-looking outfits - let's take a look!

01 T-Shirts and Polos

T-shirts are the most popular clothing item when it comes to themed pop culture wearables. Dungeons & Dragons apparel is no different, and as such you need to be careful when pairing them with other tees. There are many different kinds of tees (long sleeve or short, with different neck styles and fits to consider too), but we recommend you look for a few qualities in particular:

Everyday, basic tees that don't have any big logos or words on them. If you're wearing a ShopDND tank top for example then you'll want that to stand out, but a plain tee underneath might really make it pop!

Polo shirts that have a more fashionable vibe to them and aren't too loud or crazy in colour or design - these can look great under a ShopDND sweatshirt.

02 Tanks

Tanks are good with a sweatshirt (or one of our hoodies) if they're not too tight-fitting. The best kind of tank top is one where the bottom part isn't too tight around your waist so that there's room for movement, but not so loose that it falls off when moving around either.

03 Headwear

Beanies are a great way to keep your head warm in the winter, while baseball caps can also be used to protect your face from the sun in the summer - and both fit in well with the Dungeons & Dragons aesthetic. There are tons of different styles available for both, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs. The only thing to really bear in mind as a variable is the colour. Depending on the ShopDND clothing in your wardrobe, you might want headwear that matches the colour of the garment or design, or plain black or white, which can look good with almost anything.

04 Shorts, Cargo Pants & Jeans

One of the most popular things to wear with Dungeons & Dragons apparel is a pair of jeans or cargo pants. Some players avoid wearing them for fear that they're too cliched or just not right, but we think that if you have a good pair that you love and feel comfortable in, go ahead! At the end of the day, it's up to you what makes you feel good while playing a dungeons and dragons game (or other board games, of course) and hanging out with other players.

If cargo pants aren't your thing, but jeans are still too much, consider khakis! These pants will still look great, but they don't have all the cargo pockets - which some people need, and some people don't.

Here at ShopDND we feel that some of our designs look best when worn with a camouflage pattern, and others look better with plain solid colours. So if camo isn't really your thing —and let's face it, some people just don't like camouflage—you can still look great in ShopDND apparel, don't worry!

05 Footwear

Footwear is a tough one. I have a pair of boots that I like to wear with my ShopDND gear and they look really good. If you need a little more comfort sneakers are always an option as well - particularly tennis or skate shoes.

06 Accessories

This will largely depend on the accessories that you have already, but things like bracelets, sleeves, neck-worn chains, charms and other jewellery can look great with a Shop DND shirt - as can sunglasses in summer!

07 In Conclusion

We really hope that this piece on what to wear with your Dungeons & Dragons clothing has helped you get a feel for the items in your wardrobe that Dungeons & Dragons themed apparel would pair well with - but at the end of the day the Shop DND team are all about choice. The advice we've given today is just advice, it's not a set of fashion rules that we feel fans of our clothing should adhere to. There's no right and wrong, so if you're interested in doing so feel free to explore - and even to get in touch on Instagram or TikTok and show us your awesome Dungeons & Dragons outfits.

For everyone from a newbie to a fully fledged adventurer, it’s time to upgrade your clothing collection with some ShopDND apparel, and accessories like our tote bags. Our range of unique Dungeons & Dragons apparel might not be able to give you the edge over your dungeon master, but whatever may befall your character in game, at least you'll look good while it happens!

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